• Setting the stage for a faith awakening

    So many Christians have either been lulled to sleep or have chosen to “check out.” It’s a place of sadness, struggle, and loneliness. I know because I’ve been there. If Jesus came that we might have “abundant life,” then there must be more.

    The purpose of this site is to guide you to a faith awakening. It is for us to come together and wake up to see God for Who He really is and set a course of faithfulness for our families and for generations to come. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you as we walk the road before us fully awake and alive in Christ.


God’s heart for the world is bigger than our backyard.

God’s heart for the world is bigger than our backyard. That may seem obvious, but it becomes so much more apparent when you see how God is working in the lives of those in other countries around the world. As many of you know, my family had a taste for what God is doing in … Continue reading


Why We Cast a Vision Bigger Than Ourselves

People want to be part of something big. You will find a number of books to explain the what and how of casting vision. Most of these resources are crafted to help you become a great leader and vision-caster to lead a group of people to accomplish the goal you place before them. In some … Continue reading


Are We Training or Entertaining Our Children?

Regardless of what people might say, there’s a big difference in training versus entertaining…and it has nothing to do with fun.  Often a conversation about ministry to children includes comments like the following: “We just want it to be fun for the kids.” “It’s so much easier to relate when we can just do the … Continue reading

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