• Setting the stage for a faith awakening

    So many Christians have either been lulled to sleep or have chosen to “check out.” It’s a place of sadness, struggle, and loneliness. I know because I’ve been there. If Jesus came that we might have “abundant life,” then there must be more.

    The purpose of this site is to guide you to a faith awakening. It is for us to come together and wake up to see God for Who He really is and set a course of faithfulness for our families and for generations to come. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you as we walk the road before us fully awake and alive in Christ.


How to Be a Generous Presence

It’s easy to be somewhere without really being there. The body is present but the mind and spirit are far away. Thinking about pressures that are carried over from work. Worrying about things that have yet to be done. Pushing through what has to be done in order to get some peace and quiet in … Continue reading

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Back to Life as NOT Normal

It would be difficult to describe my life as normal. But I also wonder if it ever should. When I look back, I can see periods of my life that appeared to be “usual” according to societal standards. I tend to be a fairly even-keeled, average guy. But when I think of “average” and “normal,” … Continue reading


Do you have birthmarks?

Many of us were born with a distinguishing design – a birthmark. For some, it’s something to hide. For others, it’s a cute little thing. Scientists explain a variety of reasons these marks appear, but there still seems to be some mystery around it. Whether you like your mark or not, most will apparently see … Continue reading

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